Ear jacket – never out of style

Our favorite jewelry trend this season is the ear jackets … and we have a feeling you’ll love it too!

May be you heard about it already, may be have seen it, may be not yet. They are basically an ear ornament that is attached to the back of your stud earring and bangles below your earlobe. The attachment part is hidden behind your lobe and what you see in front is just your stud earring and a lower part of ear jacket, which can be spiky, rounded, with or without stones or pearls. What they are beloved for is their ability to add a very cool new vibe to your either the simplest or prettiest of studs. You can get creative and after purchasing even one diamond ear jacket play with the earrings, that already exist in your box by crating new looks for them. That’s makes ear jackets a perfect unusual present, which will give just the right amount of precious sparkle to anyone’s favorite studs!


Some high quality ear jackets can surve like a push-up bra for your earlobe. It gathers your lobe togather, if it is slightly strecheched, which is a great option for those of us, who are fans of massive earrings. Or makes angular ear lobe look more rounded.




And believe us, this trend will never go out of style, because it is not just beautiful idea, but also useful accessory for your jewelry.

We accurately compiled in addore a nice selection of ear jackets from the best designers in a unique performance.