Savoir Joaillerie

Vibrant and eccentric Berlin has additional facets providing effortlessly delicate and elegant style, but always urban and innovative at the same time.
The Berlin based Savoir Joaillerie captures the creative spirit of the city in its stunning jewellery pieces. The designs allure with aesthetic simplicity, lightness and sheer sophistication. The obsession with details and an excellent craftsmanship are perfectly completed by certified gemstones and fair-trade, recycled materials.

Raised in London and Geneva, Lou Andrea Savoir initially studied fine arts at Parson’s School of Design. After studying, she decided to dedicate herself fully to her first passion. After travelling the world, winning the FAD Enjoia’t Jewelry Prize Award and working as a design editor for Taschen, Daab, and Harper Collins, she founded Savoir Joaillerie in 2010 in Berlin.

Her most mysterious collection was inspired by a trine, one of the astrological aspects. It describes a favourable alignment of three planets representing new chances and ways. Deeply moved by this compilation, Lou created her own talisman edition. Rings, bracelets, necklaces; every single jewel frames a gently tantalizing composition of shapes, colours, diamonds and texture effects.

Trine rings can be a perfect wedding couple symbolizing the ideal position and combination for great changes in life!